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~ Before you start your applicaiton, please read all the information in the links under SEED Grants. Each page provides important information. There are no deadlines for applying. ~

Applicants are required to:

  • Identify the Grant Area you are appyling under.
  • ​Clearly describe what idea, challenge or opportunity they will be exploring
  • Describe the activities required to complete the project
  • Identify at least one Grant Outcome that aligns with the project
  • Describe what you are hoping to learn from carrying out the project

To APPLY, submit a proposal letter to the Trustees of the 4Cs Foundation. Your letter should be no longer than 2 to 3 pages.

Include the following:

  1. Introduction: a short summary, name of organization, amount of money requested and description of project.
  2. Organization description: A brief history of the organization; an overview of activities. State your non-profit registration or  charitable number.
  3. Statement of Need: Explain the need that can be met by your project and its community context. This can be a need within the organization such as testing a new idea or building staff capacity or an identified need in a community. Include target population, geographic area, how the project is linked to the organization's goals. Include examples and statistics if supportive. (See Application Assessment  for more information.)
  4. Methodology: Describe the project concisely including major activities, timeline (start and finish dates), number of sessions, names and titles of key project staff, the project’s goals and objectives, and how you will evaluate or measure the project.
  5. Make the case for how this project fits or meets the foundation’s mandate of "fostering creative connections between children and their communities".
  6. Other funding sources: Include any confirmed sources of funding and indicate what areas of the project budget these will look after.
  7. Contact details: Names and contact information of who to call for further application information; who will be the key contact for the project, if different.

NOTE: After your proposal letter has been reviewed and the project idea assessed to see if it is a match for the Foundation, you will be contacted. At that time you may be asked for additional information, such as a detailed budget.

There is no deadline for proposal letters. All proposal letters will be reviewed by the Executive Director of the 4Cs Foundation and referred to the foundation’s Trustees for a decision. We intend these grants to be agile and responsive, with a short turn around between applying and hearing back on your application.

NOTE:  Additional support materials may be scanned and attached to your email.Using DropBox or some other file transfer system is encouraged. 4Cs Foundation has a GREEN policy and actively discourages print materials. Do not send hard copies of application, brochures, pamphlets, posters or any additional print material to the foundation. Thank you.



     Our assessment of your application is based on Strategy, Process, and People as detailed below:

  • The project or activity must align with one (or more) Grant Outcome.   
  • A convincing case is made that the project furthers the mandate of the 4Cs Foundation to "foster creative connections between children and thier communities" or builds the skills of artists to deliver projects that will fulfill this mandate.  
  • The idea, need, challenge or opportunity is innovative and is clearly expressed by the applicant.
  • The project/activities/processes being used are appropriate for achieving the desired goals in a reasonable timeline.
  • The community of the potential participants is well understood by the applicant (in terms of socio-economic factors, history, geographical considerations, barriers to participation).
  • Effort has been made and is outlined as to how participants will be sought out and engaged in the project or activity.
  • The people involved in the project will learn, build connections and skills from this endeavour.
  • The artists or organizers involved have the skills to carry out the project, its realted administration, and to meet its goals.


Information links: 

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