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                                        2019 is the 13th season of Art Bikers!

                           Inclusive   Participatory   Interactive   Community-based

The ART BIKERS PROGRAM is a mobile community arts program that builds community by making art with children, families and residents in neighbourhoods throughout Halifax, NS. Open to all community members and delivered in participants' neighbourhoods, Art Bikers fosters creativity between and connections with one another.

For the last two years we have been pleased to partner with Wonder'neath Art Society for the delivery the program. In 2019, we begin a full transtion of the program from 4Cs Foundation to a new permanent home with Wonder'neath. Stay tuned for a formal announcement of this exciitng legacy development. 

Art Bikers is a  team of community artists riding bicycles pulling colourful trailers full of art materials to neighbourhoods throughout Halifax. Upon arriving, they set-up and facilitate collaborative art activities with the public that open up a world of creativity, fun and community connection.

Started in 2007, the Art Bikers have worked with over 5000 individuals in a wide range of social communities across ages, abilities, languages, race, and ethnicities. We have also trained and employed more than 30 community artists over the years.

The Art Bikers program has three goals:

1. To provide fun and engaging opportunities for community members of all ages to enjoy and connect through art-making.

2. To make Art an event that happens at a street, neighbourhood and community level.

3. To stimulate interest and participation in Community Arts and Arts-based Community Development  in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Link to the Art Bikers Program Framework Design document:

The Art Bikers program has become a well known part of the community arts / arts for social change community, the bicycling community, and is part of the creative cultural fabric of Halifax. The program continues to inspire the broader community with the simple yet powerful idea that making art together connects people of all ages in ways that builds and strengthens communities.

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