Community Compass 4Cs project
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1. Where can I download the application form?

Our application process starts with a letter of interest. If the idea presented in the letter aligns with the 4Cs mandate and objectives, you will be invited to submit an application. At that point, we will email an application form to you. Please read the page on this website called Apply for a Grant.

2. What are the four Cs in the 4Cs Foundation name?

C = creative C= connections (between) C= children (and their) C = communities.

3. What are community arts projects?

Community Arts is valued for its ability to bring people together in shared, collaborative, creative experiences to express the things that have meaning to us: where we've come from, where we're going, our world, our fears, our dreams, and our aspirations. It strengthens community connections, develops creativity and increases awareness of the arts in our lives.

The principles behind Community Art projects are intentional inclusiveness that allows communities to tell their own stories; creative processes that build relationships between participants; creative exploration and expression that is done with a professional artist who passes on skills to the participants throughout the process while recognizing, fostering and incorporating the knowledge, skills, talents and voice of others in creating a collaborative artwork.  The content of the artwork usually reflects local issues that have been identified by people within the community. Community art can use any art form including theatre, music, visual arts, literary arts, dance, media arts and more.

Facilitating community arts projects takes special skills and knowledge to succeed.

4. I run a group/program for children / youth? Can we receive a grant?
4Cs does not fund program delivery. However within the program you may have a specific PROJECT that could be funded if it meets the other 4Cs funding criteria. Read the criteria, and if you have questions, give us a call.

Then, what's the difference between a PROGRAM and a PROJECT?
A program is offered on the regular or predictable basis within the infrastructure of an organization's overall goals to meet a set objective. A project on the other hand is a stand-alone, time limited, unique activity.

Projects are not:

  • activities which are repeated in exactly the same way on a regular basis;
  • activities with no clearly defined goals;
  • activities which can be repeated or transplanted anywhere at any moment;
  • ongoing activities.

5. I'm an artist. Can I get a grant?
4Cs grants are not for artists to pursue their own work - even if that work involves community members. You might try connecting with an organization or group delivering programming at a community level to see if they are interested in partnering with you on a project, however we strongly encourage you to build your skills in arts-based community development by taking part in one of the trainings we offer first.