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There are three grant areas. Determine which area best fits your idea, goals and objectives. You may only apply to one area at a time.  

GRANT AREA 1: Creatively Connected and Inspired Children and Youth

 Projects under this area are innovative, new approaches to working with children or youth and others in their communities through community arts projects. 

 AREA #1 GRANT OUTCOMES - Projects are developed with the intention of reaching one or more of these outcomes: 

  • Children connect to others by participating in the experience of a community art project with other community members.
  • Diverse individuals and groups work together to improve children’s community life through arts-based activities.
  • Organizations are able to provide better quality programming to develop and deliver community arts projects.
  • Community artists strengthen their community engagement and project/program delivery skills, especially with children under the age of 19.


GRANT AREA 2: Inspired and Skilled Community Artists

 Projects under this area strive to build the skills of community artists  to support connections between children and others in their communities through community arts projects. Diverse individuals and groups come together to strengthen their skills and abilities to deliver community arts based activities. More artists connect with the local community arts practice and community arts practitioners. (Examples: formalized training or skill-building workshops for community artists; hosting a symposium on community arts; a skill exchange between community arts facilitators; a mentorship with a recognized community arts facilitator in Halifax, NS)

 AREA #2 GRANT OUTCOMES - Projects are developed with the intention of reaching one or more of these outcomes: 

  • Community artists work better to support connections between children and others in their communities.
  • Current practitioners strengthen their connections, knowledge and share expertise.
  • Skills and knowledge are transferred to the next generation of community arts leaders or facilitators.
  • Access to community arts-based learning opportunities and compelling projects increases.
  • Preservation and/or animation of the local community arts heritage occurs.

GRANT AREA 3: Does your idea not fit with either of the areas above? We are interested in hearing about other compelling, connection-oriented projects. Pitch us about your idea.



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