Special ANNOUNCEMENT October 1 , 2015 

The 4Cs Foundation has infused the Halifax community with over 2 million dollars in grants for community arts projects since our founding in 1999. We also provide the Art Bikers program, training opportunities in community arts facilitation, symposia (Arts Engage!), and networking opportunities (Community Arts Circle). We are excited about the many developments in Halifax over these last sixteen years and congratulate the up-take of community arts by the people of Halifax as well as the established and emerging community arts groups and programs.

Currently, the 4Cs Foundation’s grant-giving focus is transitioning from project-based grants. We have begun to work directly with organizations in Halifax whose goals, values and work aligns with those of the 4Cs Foundation to build their capacity and sustainabilty. Wonder’neath Open Studio is an excellent example of this and we are pleased to be working with Wonder'neath Arts Society. http://www.wonderneath.com/new-blog-1/   or https://www.facebook.com/Wonderneath   

The funding focus change will be gradual.  As we transition, we continue to consider applications for project funding. 

 The criteria for project funding remains the same. Your project must have as a stated goal, and must demonstrate in the work plan, the intention to bring children together with other people from their community to work side-by-side for the duration of the project in a way that fosters connections and relationship building, while creating a community artwork or artworks.  

Please note: 

  • We do not fund individual artists or events (including art activities at an event or festival). 
  • We no longer support one time projects.  
  • Funding for Neighbourhood Intersection Painting ended in March 2015 due to changes in the Halifax Community Arts program. 

For more information, please email  info@4csfoundation.com or call the office: (902)422-4805 and ask for Terri Whetstone.