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    The final report serves two purposes. It demonstrates to the 4Cs Foundation the outcomes and successes of the project in meeting 4Cs Priority Outcomes and the Grant Outcomes. It also provides valuable documentation of what was achieved or produced by the project that may further the development of community arts infrastructure and activities in Halifax.

NOTE: Failure to submit a final report will limit further grant approvals, as well as prevent 4Cs from issuing the grant holdback amount of 10% to the grantee.

The final report provides an assessment of the project and includes:

  • A financial report
  • Achievement against the application goals
  • Costs incurred in accordance with approved budget
  • What was learned from the results of the project and what will be done with the learning
  • Identifying Next steps (if any)

NOTE: For grants with satisfactory reviews, the final grant holdback funds is released (all or part) to the grantee.

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