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Please read an important announcement regarding the foundation's grants here: 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~In late 2016 the 4Cs Foundation held conversations with community arts organizations, artists, and others with an interest in community arts. The number one message we heard is that there is a need for groups to be able to access small community arts grants to explore, test ideas, try new methods and to respond to emerging issues and opportunities within a community. We also heard there is an urgent need for people (especially POC) to be able to convene as a group in a safe space to explore through arts-based activities issues of importance to them.

 We are responding to what we heard with new grants to help meet these needs. (SEED grants are available to charities and registered non-profit organizations within the Halifax Regional Municipality ONLY.)

The 4Cs Foundation SEED grants fund the development of new ideas and innovative approaches in community arts.
The grants support projects that:

  • come up with new or better ways of doing things (more efficiently or effectively) leading to greater impact.
  • allow an organization to learn as a result of testing ideas or concepts that have not been tried before.
  • respond to emerging issues in a community.
  • explore the feasibility of ideas or approaches that are new or unproven.
  • build connections between children, individuals, groups or organizations.

There are three grant areas. Determine which area best fits your idea, goals and objectives. In most circumstances, you may only apply to one area at a time.

Please read carefully through all the links below and the information provided. This will save you time in writing your application letter.

Types of Projects
Grant Areas
Grant Amounts and Terms